Российский телеведущий борется с коронавирусом с силой песни

Российский телеведущий борется с коронавирусом с силой песни

This week, a popular Russian TV presenter made his debut with a new song aimed at preventing the entry of coronavirus into Russia. The result was strange, as expected.

The host Ivan Urgant, the organizer of the evening talk show “Evening Urgant” on Monday, sang an alarming duet with fellow TV presenter Elena Malysheva.

Set as a song Hit of Russian songs Starting from the 90s, in remixed and improved versions there are texts that contain instructions for protection against coronavirus.

“Dear friend, do not sneeze.

Take vitamins

Let the coronavirus know

This is not China.

Dear friend, don’t sneeze

They can say anything.

Defeat the Nazis

Also defeat this beast! «

There are only two confirmed cases of coronavirus within the Russian border, both of which are Chinese citizens who have since recovered from a rapidly spreading disease. Urgant and Malysheva made sure that productivity prevented the virus.

Marisheba, the host of the popular health show, previously entered the Russian Memorial Hall of Fame with a tribute to Billy Elisha. Play Short staged Irish hit «Bad Guy» earlier this year.

ego debut Russian remix of «Bad Guy» on «Evening Urgant» in September.

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