С наступающей серией OnePlus 8, OnePlus сигнализирует о начале индийской революции 5G

С наступающей серией OnePlus 8, OnePlus сигнализирует о начале индийской революции 5G

If you think 5G is a long way to achieve results in India, think again. OnePlus, the global smartphone giant, has lost the biggest change in the 5G world in India. This announcement is in line with the company’s advanced strategy, which goes hand in hand with the slogan «never decide.» Smartphone brands, which first added premium features at an affordable price and became the favorite smartphone enthusiast of India, are all trying to surprise consumers again as a pioneer in the new revolution.

While many smartphone brands are playing with the idea of ​​combining 5G-compatible smartphones, OnePlus has confirmed that the entire OnePlus 8 series will support 5G. Confirmations are sent directly from CEO Pete Lau. “OnePlus achieved many of its first 5G results, including one of the first 5G smartphone manufacturers with a full range of products. Acceleration in 5G thanks to our commitment to research and development in 5G laboratories I am convinced that it is possible to achieve a smooth and smooth interaction with the user, ”said Lau.

Many smartphone brands have increased the production of 5G-enabled mobile phones, but they need to focus and get started faithfully. OnePlus has once again proved its importance to the Indian market and the ability to expand the production of future-ready devices with 5G capabilities.

OnePlus has expanded its capabilities to support its growing ambitions since it decided to fully participate in 5G in 2016. OnePlus also conducts 5G trials at its Hyderabad research and development center, which was created last year. And we spent a whopping $ 30 million scaling and updating 5G features.

The OnePlus5G lab focuses on research and development in areas such as radio frequency (RF) circuits, antennas, and multimedia (cameras, audio, displays). The laboratory also conducts research on software for testing communication protocols, optimizing bandwidth, performance, power, stability and user scenarios. It can also support preliminary tests for regulatory certification and operator access, so 5G adoption can be accelerated.

This is important. The government will quickly post a roadmap for bidding on 5G. Creating an enabling environment to support all other stakeholders, such as carriers and governments, is essential to ensure seamless deployment.

The decision that OnePlus will go all-in for 5G will force other smartphone brands to follow suit, thereby creating enough momentum to deploy 5G technology at a much faster pace than expected. OnePlus showed how the first steps can revolutionize his risk abilities.

5G Revolution has the ability to change the diversity of India’s networking capabilities and greatly expand its software capabilities. With very fast downloads and more connected devices, Internet penetration and all the benefits associated with it will be equally diverse.

All you can do now is wait for the OnePlus 8 series to launch as soon as possible and begin the 5G revolution.

What exactly are these features? Well, download speeds will be very high, and the current 4G connection will be relatively slow.

The author is a freelance journalist.

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